'Collect Sign of Lord' Race


Rules for the Mukemon Mu X100 Server's 'Collect Sign of Lord' Race:

    Players are actively participating in the 'Collect Sign of Lord' race on the server.
    These items cannot be traded or stored in the character's vault or personal store; they can only be picked up or sold in the in-game NPC shops.
    Collect as many of the SIGN OF LORD as possible until the timer displayed on the website's header at expires.
    Race results will be communicated by our in-game Game Masters and posted in the news section on our website.

1st Collector: +25,000 Gold
2nd Collector: +20,000 Gold
3rd Collector: +17,000 Gold
4th Collector: +15,000 Gold
5th Collector: +12,000 Gold
6th Collector to 10th Collector: +7,000 Gold

Stay connected to our website for more exciting events, updates, and exclusive offers. Once again, we will soon announce the top 10 collectors! Keep gaming and keep the competitive spirit alive!


2023-10-17 01:53

10 Winners of Top 10 Race

MUKEMON MU MU Online: Celebrating the Top 10 Winners of our TOP 10 Race!

The virtual realm is abuzz with jubilation as x100 concludes its electrifying Top 10 Race, leaving players in awe of the extraordinary talent and determination displayed by the participants.
After intense battles and strategic maneuvers, we proudly present the victorious top 10 champions, each earning their rightful share of the grand 50,000 credits reward:

1st Place: Flame - 10,000 credits At the pinnacle of triumph stands Flame, who skillfully outmatched the competition, securing the illustrious first place. For their astounding victory, Flame receives an impressive reward of 10,000 credits!

2nd Place: Lilith - 10,000 credits Lilith's unyielding spirit and tactical brilliance have earned them the esteemed second place. Basking in the glory of their achievement, they claim a well-earned prize of 10,000 credits!

3rd Place: Rostov4ani - 10,000 credits In a thrilling display of gaming finesse, Rostov4ani emerges victorious in the third place. Their incredible performance earns them a coveted reward of 10,000 credits!

4th Place: Imba - 7,500 credits Imba's swift reflexes and strategic acumen secure them a strong fourth-place finish. For their commendable efforts, they are rewarded with 7,500 credits!

5th Place: NLAW 7,500 credits NLAW, with their unmatched determination, secures the fifth place in this fiercely competitive race. They take home a remarkable prize of 7,500 credits!

6th Place: panda - 5,000 credits With nerves of steel and a formidable presence, panda claims the sixth spot, garnering a well-deserved reward of 5,000 credits!

7th Place: LorDarknes 5,000 credits LorDarknes's tenacity and gaming prowess shine through, earning them the seventh place. They celebrate their achievement with an admirable prize of 5,000 credits!

8th Place: xSay - 2,500 credits xSay's brilliant gaming skills land them at the eighth position, securing a well-earned reward of 2,500 credits!

9th Place: ANDROMEDAN 2,500 credits ANDROMEDAN's exceptional performance grants them the ninth place, taking home a reward of 2,500 credits!

10th Place: TopXayc 2,500 credits In a display of formidable talent, TopXayc claims the final spot in the top 10, receiving a noteworthy prize of 2,500 credits!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these top 10 winners and express our appreciation to all participants who contributed to the excitement and camaraderie throughout the TOP 10 RACE.
For those who didn't make the top 10 this time, remember that every challenge presents new opportunities for greatness!

Stay tuned to our website for more thrilling events, updates, and exclusive offers. Once again, congratulations to the top 10 winners! Keep gaming and keep the spirit of competition alive!

2023-09-30 02:56

Rewards for the Top 10 Race!

 MUKEMON MU Online: Exciting Rewards for the Ongoing Top 10 Race!

Attention, all players! New Race Top 10 Race is already underway, and we are delighted to reveal the amazing rewards that await our top participants. Show off your gaming skills and earn your place in the winner's circle to claim these incredible prizes.

1-st to 3-rd place: 10,000 Gold each!

4-th to 5-th place: 7,500 Gold each!

6-th to 7-th place: 5,000 Gold each!

8-th to 10-th place: 2,500 Gold each!

Get ready to show your skills and compete with the best in the virtual world. The Top 10 Race promises exciting challenges and fierce competition. Will you be able to stand on the winners' podium and take your share of the awards??

THE FINISH OF THE RACE WILL TAKE PLACE ON 2023-09-29 at 16:00 (Server Time)

Stay tuned for updates on the Top 10 Race event and expect more exciting adventures in MU Online. Get ready to take the lead and win glory!


2023-09-21 04:22

Server Opening in 60 Minutes!


Breaking News: MUKEMON X100 Server Opening in 60 Minutes!

Attention all gamers! Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience as we announce the launch of our Mu Online server, MUKEMON X100, in just 60 minutes! Brace yourself for a whole new level of gameplay.

Experience a vast array of possibilities in our New Season 6 Pro server, where you can equip weapons, items, and perks from various classes.
Explore over 300 custom quests with incredible credit and stat rewards.
It's not just an end-game feature anymore; it's a real-time opportunity to grow stronger and wealthier.

Located in Lorencia, our server eagerly awaits your arrival.

Invite your friends using your referral link available on your website account.
Remember, it is crucial to use the original, new, and protected client from our download page or patch for older versions. Not every client will be compatible with this patch.

Stay tuned for more exciting news, including a massive lottery exclusively for online players. Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to welcome you to the world of MUKEMON!

2023-09-15 15:09